Dental & Surgical Loupes

Tailored to your magnification and working distance requirements.

A large number of activities, for example in medicine, require extremely high precision. Often even a few fractions of a millimetre can decide success or failure. Particularly in dentistry and surgery, users value the benefits of magnifying optical systems while performing precise work with greater ease.

Zeiss and Heine spectacle loupes combine superb optical and technical features with maximum individuality and outstanding wearing comfort. Douglas Hart will precisely adapt the loupes to each wearer's personal needs: spectacle prescription, individual eye measurements, magnification and working distance are taken into account in every system.

High Image Quality & Magnification

Spectacle loupes with binocular optics are particularly suitable for users who require extremely high image quality and magnification. These are available in a broad spectrum of magnifications and working distances. Douglas will advise on the combination which is best suited to your individual requirements.

Zeiss G 2.5 TTL Loupe with Adidas Sports Frame

The Benefits


  • Titanium frame with straight sides and headband enables perfect adjustment to the head
  • Fatigue-free work even over longer periods


  • Optimum overview of the work area
  • Distortion-free and high-contrast image
  • Ergonomic working conditions thanks to ideal matching of magnification and working distances


  • All individual centring data taken into consideration
  • Made-to-measure fitting of the system into the carrier lenses
  • Coaxial illumination as an option 

Every Detail Matters

With Zeiss and Heine precision dental and surgical loupes, you won’t miss a thing.

Say goodbye to back or neck pain after a long day in the surgery.

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