Sports Prescription Eyewear

An essential part of your kit, if you want to stay at the top of your game.

Specialist sports prescription eyewear is an essential part of your kit if you want to stay at the top of your game.

At Douglas Hart Specialist Eyewear, we advise you on which product you need to help you stay one step ahead of the competition, whether professional or amateur.

Sports eyewear has a frame geometry that differs from normal spectacles. The high degree of tilt or curve in sports lenses can often create optical distortion – especially when looking to the side. To provide unrestricted vision with your sports prescription eyewear, we tailor the lenses to the individual wearer by taking unique frame and facial measurements. These results are used during the manufacturing process to produce a lens which is unique to the frame and the wearer.


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We stock sports prescription eyewear for a host of sporting activities


So that you know exactly where your ball lands, our golf specific frames have special contrast tints that allow the ball to stand out against both the green and the sky, making sure you are always in control of the situation. Many golf sunglasses are a wrapped style to get the greatest field of vision when teeing off, as well as giving an unparalleled level of protection from sunlight, glare and wind. A secure fit means quality of vision is not disrupted as you drive the ball down the fairway or distracted when lining up the putt.


When cycling, you need frames that provide a close snug fit, protecting your eyes not only from ultraviolet light but also from the wind. To avoid fogging up, lots of our sports specific frames feature ventilation systems to make sure you always have the best view of the path ahead. All of our cycling eyewear have high impact resistant lenses that meet British Safety Standards, meaning your eyes are given the best level of protection.

Diving and Swimming

Whether you’re an experienced diver exploring the depths of the reef or a swimmer doing laps at your local swimming pool, the last thing you need is water filling up your diving mask or goggle. Our specialist products are designed to remain completely water-tight to allow you to enjoy the freedom of the water whilst protecting your eyes. Many of these products are also available with your prescription.

Racquet Sports

The highly dynamic movement involved in tennis, badminton and squash means you need a very secure frame. Many of these frames come with head straps to ensure the best fit and some can be removed and replaced with regular sides for a two-in-one product. Impact resistance is crucial so all squash frames are fitted with appropriate lenses meeting British Standard BS7930-1 requirements. Many are also fitted with polycarbonate lenses for a high level of protection.


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Prescription Eyewear for Sports

Douglas Hart Specialist Eyewear stock the latest products in prescription eyewear for sports from the leading sports eyewear brands, including Nike and Sunwise, an award winning British eyewear brand. With our sports prescription eyewear you can look sharp, whilst optimising your performance and protecting your eyes.

Nike Vision

Nike Vision and Transitions Optical expand line of Nike® Max Transitions® sunglasses

We stock the adaptive sunglasses range that includes products designed for golf, running and multi-sport performance.

For more information, please visit Nike Vision's website.

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