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Sports Prescription Eyewear

We provide expert advice on frame and lens/tint options and safety eye protection for your chosen sport ranging from swimming, cycling and golf to racquet sports, football and shooting. Sports prescription eyewear is particularly challenging due to the wrap design of many sports frames. At Douglas Hart Specialist Eyewear, additional parameters are taken into account to ensure that your vision is distortion free, providing you with unrestricted vision.

Sports Prescription Eyewear

Spectacle Lenses

These days, there is such a wide selection of different lens types, that it is important to get the best advice from qualified Dispensing Opticians on how your spectacles can be made to look more attractive and give you better vision.

As specialists in advanced lens design, we can customise the lenses to your particular needs using the latest technology from the leading lens supplier’s including Zeiss, Shamir and Hoya. All this ensures that you have clear, relaxed vision tailored to your specific visual situation.

Spectacle Lenses

Latest Spectacle Frames & Sunglasses

At Douglas Hart Specialist Eyewear, the frame design, fit, quality of material and value for money are just as important as the overall look of the frame. We stock a wide variety of the latest spectacle frames and sunglasses, with styles to suit every age and budget - from trendy kid’s frames - to timeless, elegant frames.

We specialise in lightweight rimless spectacle frames manufactured from titanium and stainless steel, which can be customised to provide a truly unique pair of spectacles.

We're happy to provide an expert and honest opinion on the latest spectacle frames, which are best suited to you.

Frames & Sunglasses

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